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Mohammed Alser


I am leading the bioinformatics research group at the SAFARI research group, at ETH Zurich, since September 2018.

My primary research incorporates several aspects of bioinformatics, computer science, and computer engineering as I develop new data structures, algorithms, and software tools, and architect/co-design hardware with software for better understanding genetic disorders, improving our health with personalized medicine, and identifying pathogens and microbiomes around us. Such a multifaceted approach is necessary, as overcoming bottlenecks throughout different genomic methods and applications requires rethinking the complete compute stack, starting from the way we handle input data and algorithms, to the underlying hardware architecture.


After Alkan Lab

I am now a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at ETH Zurich, Switzerland since September 2018. I am affiliated with Department of Computer Science & Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.