Alkan Lab for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics started at the Bilkent University Department of Computer Engineering in January 2012. We develop combinatorial algorithms and co-design hardware/software fo quickly and accurately analyze genome sequence data. We also have projects on analyzing protein-protein interaction networks to understand autoimmune diseases.

Our collaborators

We engage in collaborative projects from across the globe. Here are the folks we collaborate with:


The Alkan Lab website was heavily inspired by the site for Trevor Bedford’s lab. Trevor put together a site that showcases his lab’s science to the world, as they produce it, in real time.

You can see the source code for the Bedford lab site. It is pfreely available on GitHub. All code is placed under the MIT license. The Bedford lab also provides some documentation about how they link each project’s GitHub repository into the main site.

Source code

All source code that’s necessary to construct the site is freely available on GitHub. All code is placed under the MIT license. You’re welcome to borrow / repurpose code to build your own site, but I would very much appreciate attribution and a link back to bedford.io from your about page.